Training Session Menus: Dessert Playlist 1

Training Session Menus: Dessert Playlist 1

Ready made training session menus available for all levels with no subscription, choose your preferred level and focus.
Dessert playlists include 6 full length training sequences and tutorials, streamable for 72hrs.

Dessert Menu 1 is suitable for all levels, and includes: Mobilisation, Hip Flexor Stretches, Hip Bridge Bodywaves, Forward Shoulder Roll, No Hands Roll To Hitchkick, and a Full Body Stretch.

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Training Session Menus: Dessert Playlist 1
  • 1.1.1 Mobilisation

    Nestwork: Fitness and Flexibility - Foundationals Video 1 - Mobilisation

    A comfortable mobility sequence, working through the whole body to increase blood flow, to help prevent stiffness in the joints and muscles, and to gently sustain and improve our range of motion.

  • 1.2.2 Hip Flexor Stretches

    Nestwork: Fitness and Flexibility - Flexorama Video 2 - Hip Flexor Stretches

    Effective hip flexor stretches and exercises.
    I recommend completing the mobilisation, or warm up sequences before working on these.


  • 2.1.2 Hip Bridge Bodywaves

    Nestwork: Refined Movement - Ripplini Video 2 - Hip Bridge Bodywaves

    How to control and improve hip bridge bodywaves.
    Please complete the mobilisation or warm up sequence to make these more comfortable.

    ❦ WARM U...

  • 2.3.1 Forward Shoulder Roll

    Nestwork: Refined Movement - Rollaroundary Video 1 - Forward Shoulder Roll

    Tutorial for a floorwork forward shoulder roll, suitable for all levels.
    Please complete the warm up sequence before trying these.

    ❦ COOL DOWN SEQ...

  • 3.2.3 Roll To Hitchkick

    Nestwork: Shapes and Flow - Elaborations Video 3 - No Hands Roll To Hitchkick

    Transition move combining a Forward Shoulder Roll, Candlestick Pose, and a Hip Bridge controlled and embellished landing. Please ensure you're comfortable with these movements, and that you're warmed up before trying t...

  • 1.1.4 Full Body Stretch

    Nestwork: Fitness and Flexibility - Foundationals Video 4 - Full Body Stretch

    A gentle all over body stretch sequence, perfect for after warm up and training, and particularly effective to help reset the body after extended periods of sitting and stillness.