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Watch 2.1.2 Hip Bridge Bodywaves

Watch 2.1.2 Hip Bridge Bodywaves

2.1.2 Hip Bridge Bodywaves

Training Session Menus: Dessert Playlist 1 • 10m

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  • 2.3.1 Forward Shoulder Roll

    Nestwork: Refined Movement - Rollaroundary Video 1 - Forward Shoulder Roll

    Tutorial for a floorwork forward shoulder roll, suitable for all levels.
    Please complete the warm up sequence before trying these.

    ❦ COOL DOWN SEQ...

  • 3.2.3 Roll To Hitchkick

    Nestwork: Shapes and Flow - Elaborations Video 3 - No Hands Roll To Hitchkick

    Transition move combining a Forward Shoulder Roll, Candlestick Pose, and a Hip Bridge controlled and embellished landing. Please ensure you're comfortable with these movements, and that you're warmed up before trying t...

  • 1.1.4 Full Body Stretch

    Nestwork: Fitness and Flexibility - Foundationals Video 4 - Full Body Stretch

    A gentle all over body stretch sequence, perfect for after warm up and training, and particularly effective to help reset the body after extended periods of sitting and stillness.