Sarah Blackmilk: Nestwork - Lair Dwelling Training and Conditioning

Subscribe to join me for Nestwork - A collection of exercises, stretches, and movement for all levels, suitable for home without needing equipment, and designed to be comfortable in even the smallest training space.

Fitness and Flexibility subscription content is the core of Nestwork, and includes daily and weekly exercises for whole body health and mobility, no dance experience or intention required.

Once subscribed, you can choose to upgrade with:
❦ Refined Movement ~ Fine tuning for isolated movements, techniques, and floor transitions.
❦ Shapes and Flow ~ Floor balances, inversions, and poses, with fluid transitions and movement.
❦ Personal Development ~ Access to all sequences and tutorials, plus adding one to one guidance to expand your training, and refine your focus.

Each level builds on technique from the last, to expand your movement repertoire, at a steady accessible pace.
Choose sequences and tutorials to suit your focus and intention, containing thorough, detailed teaching points, plus troubleshooting and regressions with clear concise directions.

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Sarah Blackmilk: Nestwork - Fitness and Flexibility
Exercises, mobility, and conditioning sequences for all levels