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Watch 2.3.1 Forward Shoulder Roll

Watch 2.3.1 Forward Shoulder Roll

2.3.1 Forward Shoulder Roll

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  • 3.2.3 Roll To Hitchkick

    Nestwork: Shapes and Flow - Elaborations Video 3 - No Hands Roll To Hitchkick

    Transition move combining a Forward Shoulder Roll, Candlestick Pose, and a Hip Bridge controlled and embellished landing. Please ensure you're comfortable with these movements, and that you're warmed up before trying t...

  • 3.1.3 Ass On A Platter

    Nestwork: Shapes and Flow - Shapesing Video 3 - Ass On A Platter

    Technique for an ass on a platter pose, often referred to as a floor jade.
    Please make sure you're well warmed up before trying this shape, and using the wrist conditioning sequence can make this move more comfortable.

    ❦ WARM UP S...

  • 3.3.3 Technical Sequence 2

    Nestwork: Shapes and Flow - Floor Flailings Video 3 - Technical Sequence 2

    Technical sequences including moves we've worked on, and finding ways to link them together in a flow. This sequence combines a No Hands Roll To Hitchkick, Hip Bridge Bodywaves, an Ass On A Platter pose, and a Backwards S...