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Watch 3.1.1 Shoulder Stands

Watch 3.1.1 Shoulder Stands

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  • 3.2.1 Scissor Kick Roll

    Nestwork: Shapes and Flow - Elaborations Video 1 - Scissor Kick Roll

    Embellishment addition to a backwards shoulder roll.
    Please complete the warm up, and ensure you're comfortable with the backwards shoulder roll, before trying these.


  • 3.2.2 Fish Flop

    Nestwork: Shapes and Flow - Elaborations Video 2 - Fish Flop

    Advanced 'no hands no feet' embellished backwards shoulder roll.
    Completing the warm up is essential before working on this move, and due to the full body movement nature of the Fish Flop, I'd recommend the prerequisites for this, wou...

  • 1.1.3 Cool Down

    Nestwork: Fitness and Flexibility - Foundationals Video 3 - Cool Down

    Gentle movements and sequences to cool down and reset the body after warm up and training, and to help prevent muscles and joints from seizing after a workout.